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Thank you to all the listeners that helped us during the 2018 Fall WBER Listener Marathon.

WBER’s Fall fundraiser was Wednesday, November 14th, and Friday,  Nov, 16th and this time around our theme was “Favorite Concert Memories”. When listeners made a donation to the only station that matters, they were able to select from 1 of 4 song questions for us to play on the air. The donations link will still be live through Monday, November, 26th! 

Check our progress by clicking Donate Now.

WBER Test Tracks/Poll
The Charlatans - Over Again
37 votes · 37 answers
WBER Test Track/Poll 2
Meg Myers- The Death of Me
40 votes · 40 answers

WBER is a listener and school district supported community radio station.

Serving the Rochester and Western New York area since 1985, WBER is owned and operated by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Monroe #1, and is a real life training ground for students from participating school districts via their radio clubs, as well as members of the community interested in learning about radio broadcasting.

WBER also offers remote broadcasting services to area school districts which currently include Webster, Brighton and Fairport. WBER is o­ne of America’s first full time Alternative Music radio stations, believing in and supporting this genre of music long before it became commercially viable.