2009 Test Track & Poll Question Results


ArtistSongPercent of Positive Votes
Matt & KimDaylight85


ArtistSongPercent of Positive Votes
Band Of SkullsI Know What I Am60
Carly BindingSo Radiate48
Cut Off Your HandsTurn Cold57
Stephen Marley with Mos DefHey Baby57
Mr. GnomeNight Of The Crickets67
Paper RouteLast Time60
Mark Ronson featuring KennaAmy49
White LiesTo Lose My Life67

Poll Question Winners

QuestionWinnerDate Finished
What failed Prospect Song Of The Week artist should we give a second chance to?Minnie DriverApril 7, 2009
From the list below, what would you like to hear more on WBER?Graham ColtonSeptember 9, 2009
Who would you like to hear more of on WBER?The CureOctober 21, 2009