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ColplayOrphansEveryday Life
Jimmy Eat WorldLove NeverSurviving
PixiesOn Graveyard HillBeneath The Eyrie
A Perfect CircleHourglassEat The Elephant
Strung OutRebels And SaintsSongs Of Armor And Devotion
The LumineersIt Wasn't Easy To Be Happy For YouIII

New Wave Wednesday

Time Slot: 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.
Date: Wednesday
Request Line: (585) 381-2386

Tune in Wednesday’s from 5:00-7:00 P.M. with host DJ Friz-B for New Wave Wednesday. A weekly show devoted to the history of alternative music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
February 19th 2020
1978 music
Thank you for listening
Generation Xready steady gogeneration x
Only Onesanother girl, another planetonly ones
Talking Headswith our loveMore Songs About Buildings And Food
Fabulous Poodlesmirror starunsuitable
Elvis Costelloradio, radiothis years model
Adam and the AntsDeutscher GirlsJubilee (Cert. X) ost
Joe Jacksonis she really going out with him?st ep
Magazinethe light pours out of mereal life
Johnny Thundersyou can't put your arms round a memoryso alone
Sniff 'n' the Tearsdriver's seata best of
Ultravoxslow motionSystems Of Romance
Rich Kidsrich kidsGhosts Of Princes In Towers
Pere Ubunon-alignment pactthe modern dance
Sham 69hurry up harry That's Life
Dead Boysdead and aliveWe Have Come For Your Children
The Clashjulie's been working for the drug squadgive 'em enough rope
Human Leaguebeing boiledst ep
The FlysWaikiki Beach RefugeesWaikiki Beach Refugees
Paley Brothers w/The RamonesCome On Let's Gost ep
Buzzcocksnostaglialove bites
Japancommunist chinaAdolescent ...
Alternative TVaction time visionThe Image Has Cracked
Masterswitchaction replayst ep
Lurkersain't got a clueFulham Fallout
Tuff Darts!all for the love of rock and rolltuff darts!
Blondiejust go awayParallel Lines
The Mekonswhere were youst ep
Carsi'm in touch with your worldcars
Dr. FeelgoodMilk And Alcohol Private Practice
Wreckless Erictake the cashThe Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric
Subway Sectambitionst ep